Investing With Us.

Surrounded by smart and passionate people with the best technical tools and fundamental analysis, we take giant leaps toward making calculated risk adjusted investments into various verticals of cryptocurrencies.

Understanding each individual partner's requirements, objectives, and risk appetite is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique strategy for tailored to you.

Publicly Traded Coins

We have an active trading desk that continuously generates alpha on our cryptocurrency holdings.

Initial Offerings

Our team selectively partakes in initial offerings of various cryptocurrencies with the aim of flipping, or holding long term.

Mining Infrastructure

We purchase equity or debts in various cryptocurrency mining operations which continuously generate income for us and our partners.

Staking Pools

At times, we stake various cryptocurrencies in order to earn interest on the staked amounts. And move in and out of stakes very quickly.

Why Choose Us?

The managing partners' funds account for over 70% of the total assets under management. We are fully committed and vested in maximizing our capital's return, and minimizing the risk we take in doing so.

0 Full Time Traders Watching All Markets

0 Percent total returns since 2013

0 Initial offering deal flow per day

Meet The Team

Get to know the management team behind Sterk Capital.

Daniel De Weyer
CEO - Founding Partner

Jeffery Liu
Founding Partner

Peter Wilkinson
Founding Parnter

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Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, we'll help you with all your cryptocurrency investment needs.